Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Testicle Massage! How to Boost Testosterone, Increase Sperm Count, & Improve Your Erections!

If you\'re searching for an write-up around intercourse methods, you are in for a disappointment. This is a severe health-related post around men's well being. Particularly, close to how a normal self-preformed testicle therapeutic massage can enhance a guy's virility, fertility, and common wellbeing.

Standard massages assist with the subsequent well being issues:

  • Reduced Testosterone
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Sexual Efficiency
  • Bad Fertility

How does it function??

Initial, it assists your testicles boost their testosterone manufacturing. Standard, wholesome testicles create all around 4 to 7 milligrams of testosterone a day. If you have a Very low testosterone count (only one or two milligrams a day), a every day therapeutic massage could increase your testosterone creation.

2nd, a therapeutic massage aids your testicles produce far more sperm, escalating your sperm count and ejaculation quantity. If you and your spouse are possessing a tough time conceiving, carrying out typical testicle therapeutic massage could boost your possibilities.

Last but not least, enhanced blood circulation to the testicles (blended with far more testosterone) aids enhance blood circulation to the penis. If you're possessing problems preserving an erection, a e therapeutic massage may possibly aid.

How Do I Complete a Testicle Therapeutic massage?

Very first, wrap a sizzling towel all around your testicle for a couple of minutes. This will unwind and loosen your scrotum sufficient to Complete the testicle therapeutic massage.

2nd, stretch out your testicle skin completely.

T hird, utilizing your thumb and forefinger, seize all around the base of you scrotum, correct beneath the penis, and gently pull down and squeeze till your testicles are pressed tightly with each other at the bottom of your scrotum. This is essentially to immobilize your testicles, so that they don\'t roll close to whilst you are attempting to therapeutic massage them (which can be irritating).

Fourth, with the palm of your other hand, utilize mild stress on leading of your testicles and therapeutic massage them in a circular movement. Whilst carrying out this, gently tug downward on your scrotum and testicles. If you really feel any discomfort, reduce the stress instantly. Carry on with this therapeutic massage, with out stopping, for among 3 to 5 minutes.

When you're accomplished with the therapeutic massage, your testicles really should show up stretched out and show up to be hanging Low than typical. They could also look more substantial than common. This is due to the fact they are somewhat swollen because of to the enhanced blood movement. This is practically nothing to feel concerned close to-in fact, it really is a very good indication. It implies you reached the goa l of the testicle therapeutic massage.

How Typically Need to I Therapeutic massage My Testicles?

The regular healthful guy really should Execute a e therapeutic massage around 3 instances a week. If you\'re utilizing testicle therapeutic massage to fight bodily ailments, this kind of as erectile or fertility difficulty, then you really should Complete a testicle therapeutic massage everyday.


  1. Great ideas ! I gave it a shot to raise testosterone naturally for a long time and because I tried hard for so long it absolutely lifted my sexual potential ;) I have tested and found that doing a work out is super important. for me to have high testosterone. Since trying most of the normal tricks (for example stinging nettle) I'm also wondering about testing testosterone cream. My friend tried one called Andro-plus...has anyone else tried it? Seems legitimate but cant know yet.

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